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Take customers on a video tour of your product or service

Got an awesome product or service but not sure how to showcase it to your customers? Show them what you're all about with an interactive video tour.

Build a simple multi-step videoask and spotlight different parts of your product or service through video. With a bit of Logic magic, customers can skip to the most relevant videos to them. ✨

Need a bit of inspiration to see how this could work for your business? Below is an example of a product-tour videoask in which a gardening business explores the services they offer. 🌱

Play around with the videoask as much as you like - it’s set to preview mode so we’re not collecting responses. 😉

💡Tip: Click on the full-screen icon on the top right corner of the videoask to view the video in full-screen mode.

Building the videoask flow

If this is your first time creating a videoask, we recommend checking out our guide on how to create your first videoask.

To build this videoask flow, we started by creating multiple steps. We mapped out how many steps we needed to understand how many videos we needed to film. We created an introduction/main menu as our first step and used the multiple-choice answer type. From there, we added additional steps for each of the answer options in step 1.


We used placeholder videos from the Pexels library to get an idea of the videoask flow. We then added conditional logic to take respondents to the video tour they wanted to see. Once we were happy with the logic flow, we went back to each step and replaced the placeholder videos with our own videos.


💡Tip: Add a title to your videoask steps to keep steps organized when creating Logic.

On each step, we wanted to give respondents the option to loop back to the main menu to watch the other video tours. Videoask doesn't have a back button option built in to loop you back to the main menu, but you can use this Logic back button workaround.


The Contact us answer option skips respondents to an Open-Ended answer type step. This allows customers to leave a message with either a video, audio, or text message.


⚠️ Important: Don’t forget to include a contact form. Without it enabled, you won’t be able to reply to your customers.

Below are some of the other features we used to customize this videoask:

Note: Some of these features are only available on paid plans. Check out our pricing page for a breakdown of what’s included in each plan.

Sharing your videoask with your customers

After you’ve created your beautiful videoask, you’ll want to share it with your customers, right? You can embed your videoask as an iframe directly in your website. Or you might want to embed it as a widget in your website instead. You can also send your videoask in an email or post it on social media. Want more ideas? Take a peek at these other options for sharing your videoask.

Reply back to customer questions with videoask

If you’ve included a Contact us step with an Open-Ended answer type, you can reply to your customers' questions with a personalized video or audio message and use VideoAsk as an asynchronous conversation tool to keep conversations going. Your customers receive an email notification with a link to view your video response and they can reply back with any follow-up questions!


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